New year competition winner

Ladies and Gentlemen! Finally we have the winner of the New Year competition! Do you want to know who he/she is?

The winner of the Mavitrip‘s New Year Competition is Cristian Catania with his photo taken in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia.


Christian Catania - Winner New Year competition


Cristian, first of all congratulation for your victory and for the courage approaching that bug!

Mavitrip, thank you very much for this contest! This is the first time I win something in a contest and I am so happy!


Tell us more about that holiday. Where were you and why do you think that was one of the most fun holiday of your life.

I went to Malaysia & Singapore for 3 weeks. I spent the first week in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, the second one in Perhentian Island and Redang Island, and finally the last one in Borneo. One of our stop was Cameron Highlands, a couple of hours from Kuala Lumpur. This amazing place consists of beautiful and relaxing tea plantation. You may have nice trekking along the forest or stop by rose, strawberry and insects gardens.

I strongly recommend the butterfly garden, which is actually the place where I took the winning picture. I had never been in such a place before: not only have you the change of staying with thousands of butterflies flying around, but you can also experience something more thrilling, such as a scopio or other insects on your hand.

I wasn’t so brave to do that actually, but it was great to have a closer contact with this world.


What is the next city you will visit and how long for?

I am planning to visit Riviera Maya, because it is a cool combination of white beaches, total relax and archaeological sites. I have chosen this place also because I will have only 9-day holidays, so this is one of the best options I had, as everything is quite close by and I might rent a car and visit them on my own pretty easily. I will send you more pictures once I am back! 🙂


Cristian is ready for his next Mavitrip! And you?


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