One month to the big jump: London to Asia

Ok, time to jump. A new adventure is going to start within a month.
It’s not the first time I move to another country but this time is a long jump that will be more than half day far: London to Asia.

We are shortly arriving at… BangkokMind the gap - London
This phrase beats in my ears since I moved to London. Same of the “Mind the gap” (between London and Thailand). By the way, have you read this romantic story about the story of that phrase?


So after twenty-four years in Sicily, three years in Barcelona and almost three in London is time to move to another place.
The reasons are many. First of all I think that life is too short to postpone projects. Never more “One day I will…”. If I want to do something, let’s do it.


Take actions!
I want to visit new places, meet new cultures. Also in three years in UK I understood that good weather and sea are very important for me. I am from an island, anyway!
Another reason is to start my own project. Money is not happiness and even if a Web Developer salary is pretty good, I want to take back my freedom. I want to work for myself, build something mine. Of course Asia is also very cheap (if you compare to London, every place is cheap!) so it will help me achieving my dream.
Last weeks in London, trying to enjoy them. Meet friends, enjoy the museums and the wonderful spots this land can offer. Stay tuned folks!


You only live once

  2 comments for “One month to the big jump: London to Asia

  1. MeFuMo
    17/06/2015 at 18:38

    Best of lucks getting to Asia my friend. Stay close to good beaches so I can pay you a visit! Mwahahah

  2. 21/06/2015 at 20:57

    I was great working with you. Carpe diem!

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