Few days around Phuket island and boat tour

Two weeks ago I came back to Patong (Phuket). This is the town where, at the moment, I feel more comfortable. Here I can find relax in some beach or in one of the local restaurants but also I can find nice nightlife and meet tourists for having a chat or drink a beer. In addition I already know every Starbucks in the town for working 🙂

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I decided to come back to the same hotel (Chill Patong) and I rented the room for a month. I need a bit of stability to work systematically.

In the last days I met Giuseppe, another Sicilian guy, and we decided to spend two days exploring Phuket island and making a boat trip.

Phuket Island

We rented two scooter so we could move better through the raise and fall of Thai roads. The journey is always the funniest part of the travel.

Paradise beach

The first stop would have been Paradise Beach. But it will be closed until November for renovation. I look forward to see how they will change it!

Karon Beach

Keeping ridinKaron Beachg southward we found Karon beach. It’s a very long beach but not many things to do there. Not many tourist. It’s a good place if you are looking for a relaxing beach.

Kata Beach

This should be the beach of the surfers. Actually not many waves when I go. Probably it’s the best beach to rent a jet ski and explore the small island in front of the water edge. The most crowded part of Kata is strangely the road at the end of the beach. There are many restaurants in the small street that raise towards our next stop.

Karon View Point

Kata View PointClimbing with the scooter to the top of the hill there is a wonderful view: Karon View Point. The landscape leaves you breathless. You can see the coast dancing under your eyes, in a sequence of bends covered by green vegetation. That makes you feel so small against the power of Nature.

Big Buddha

Big BuddhaThe next stop was the Big Buddha, a massive Buddha statue built on the top of a hill. Unfortunately part of the base was working in progress but from the top the landscape is incredible.

Many Buddhist come to this monument
to receive the benediction from the monk moving slowly towards him on their knees.

Just a little tip: take care with the wild monkeys. They look so innocent and friendly but they try to steal you whatever they can (they tried with my phone!).

Wat Chalong

This is a complex of temples in Chalong. It was my first time in a Buddhist Temple. Everything inside transmits peace, very quiet place. The architecture is completely different from Catholic churches.

I really like to enter in these places only without shoes. That makes me feel like in a cosy place.

Phromthep Cape

Phromthep CapeAfter a short stop at Rawai beach, we arrived to the south-west cape of the island. This is the perfect place to see the sunset. Many people go there everyday to see how the sun goes to sleep slowly into the sea. If you want to impress a woman, this is the right place.

Rawai food market

The last step was for the dinner. Rawai street food market is very close to the pier. You can buy the fish directly from fishermen and on the other side of the road the restaurant will cook it for you. We had lobster and squid. It was very cheap and good quality. Recommended!



Boat trip

The minibus picked us up very early to go to the other side of the island, near Phuket. From there we took a speed boat to visit many small and particular islands.

Ice Cream caveFisherman island and Ice Cream cave

The first island we reached is plenty of small caves. In the past fishermen stayed there during the night to continue the work the day after without coming back to the land.

In the second island there is a very particular cave with many stalactites and stalagmites. The most curious has a shape that remember an ice cream (cornetto). Also the cave is plenty of bats… take careeeee!

Hong Lagoon and lunch break at Panyee island

We spent about an hour exploring Hong Lagoon by canoe. It was very interesting entering in very small caves and to see the uncontaminated nature by so close.

The lunch was in a restaurant on a float Muslim village. Every house is a stilt house! I don’t know how people can live there with mosquitoes and humidity!

James Bond Island and Naka island

James Bond IslandJames Bond island was the most crowded island we visited. The landscape with the lonely rock in the background let me think how incredible is the nature.

The last stop was in a wonderful beach where we had time for a good swim in the green water and a beer in front of the magic show of the Nature.



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