10 days in Patong

In the last 10 days I moved to Phuket, a massive island in the south of Thailand. Here I found a cheap and very clean hotel in Patong, a small town on the sea. I really needed sun and beach!

My first experience with the Thai sea was above the expectation.

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The town has 3 parallel roads along the beach. The first one is the beach road, very crowded.

My hotel was in the second row, 5 minutes walking from the beach. It’s a quiet area, 15 minutes walking from the centre of the tourist life: Bangla Road. In my opinion this is the best location because you can reach easily whatever you want: beach, nightlife, supermarkets, street food markets, etc. but it’s still very quiet.


Chill Patong hotelI stayed at Chill Patong Hotel. I strongly recommend it. It’s cheap, in a good position, clean and new. Less than 300 baht (around $8.50) per night!
I booked in that hotel for the first 5 days. I found a guest house (Happy Fish guest house) for the last 5 but an hour after my check in I left. It was so dirty! The Italian owner gave me back only the half of the money I paid and Booking.com gave me a voucher for the rest.


2015-07-22 12.57.23Patong beach is very nice.The first and the last part of the beach are not crowded and you can enjoy the peaceful of the sound of the waves on the sand. But if you want you can also live the crazy tourist side with many people practising water sports: jet ski, parasailing, etc…
15 minutes driving from the centre of the town there is another amazing beach: Paradise Beach. The first part of the journey is very safe: a lot of bends but the asphalt is good condition. The last 5 minutes can be complicated: the road is very steep and there is not asphalt, just concrete. The entrance ticket is only 100 baht (around $2.80). The beach is amazing: very clean sea, no screams, many palms… recommended!


Around the 50% of the people in the main two roads are tourists, many from Asia or Australia.


The weather is not as humid as in Bangkok and one day was a bit cloudy and temperature was perfect, just warm. Of course some day is very hot and the only solution is to lie down on the beach and swim often or just find a place with air conditioner. I got a sunburn the first day of beach 🙂


Ton Kha GaiThere are less food street markets in the tourist area than in Bangkok. But if you move to more peripheral areas you can still find original Thai food. I discovered my favourite dish: Ton Kha Gai (rice with kale and coconut milk). Yummy!!!
If you need rubbish food it’s still plenty of McDonald’s, Burger King, etc. Also there are many good Italian restaurants. I went to Valerio and Alex. Very good dishes!
Also there are many seafood places. I haven’t tried but the quality seems good…


Bangla Road is the centre of the nightlife but there are many other places around the town. The most has nice live music. I went several times to Monsoon and different bands performed. Good atmosphere and cheap beer. A Chang is only 80 baht (around $2.25).


2015-07-24 12.10.17To arrive to Phuket city from Bangkok I took a plane. The price was cheap, less than 1500 baht (around $42). From the airport to Patong city the best it to take a minivan. You can find few offers at the exit of the terminal. The price is only 180 baht (around $5).

To go around in the town, few people use the noisy and colourful tuc tucs but the best option is to rent a motorbike. The price for renting is very cheap (200 baht – around $5.40 – a day for a 125cc) and the gasoline is only 40 baht (around $1.10) for bottle.


Food and taxies are generally more expensive than in Bangkok.

It’s a tourist place so they try to get as much as they can from foreigners. Just to have an idea…

  • Scooter taxi from my hotel to Bangla Road: 60 baht (around $1.70)
  • Quicksilver bathing suit: 200 baht (around $5.40)
  • Ck One 100ml: 300 baht (around $8.50)
  • Ton Kha Gai in a street food market: 50 baht (around $1.30)
  • Small Starbucks Frappuccino: 155 baht (around $4.40)


Patong gasolineThe most used gasoline type is the 91 octane. There are only few small petrol stations. If you have to refill, you can find it in bottle in street shops.

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