10 days in Ao Nang

After Patong I moved to the coast in front of Phuket, specifically to Ao Nang, near Krabi. Two Spanish friends of mine came over so I spent most of the time sightseeing. We spent a day also in Phi Phi Island and Ko Phi Phi Le. This is the most amazing I have seen so far in Thailand!

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Ao Nang is pretty small. The road along the beach is the most tourist area and the centre of the nightlife (especially the Center Point). If you want to find a cheaper and quieter place you can continue walking on the same road for 10 minutes. Near the Mc Donald’s and the Starbucks you can find better places to stay.


Ao Nang BeachI stayed at the Zabava guest house for the first two nights. The view from the room wasn’t the best but it was more or less clean and there was a big flat tv.

After I decided to move to another place and I found the Ascot Hotel. This was a very bad experience. Everything was dirty and I complained few times without any result. The last time I went to the reception, the owner of the hotel told me that they couldn’t do anything more because that is their standard and pushed me to leave the hotel! Avoid it!

Luckily I found quickly another place: Ao Nang Eco Inn. The room was massive and clean and the staff friendly. The hotel is cheap but not as cheap as in Patong (750 baht per night, around $21).

Phi Phi island

Maya BayI can only say that is amazing! We arrived around 10 am and hired a long boat for 3 hours to see the main beaches of Ko Phi Phi Le. The water was so clean and green! We saw the Monkey bay with aggressive monkeys, some caves, the green lagoon and finally Maya Bay (the location of the movie The Beach). We also snorkelled for an hour and saw the amazing variety of colourful fishes!

At the end of the tour we had a small problem taking the return ferry. The captain of the long boat lost time in Maya bay and we almost missed the boat. We achieved to stop the ferry that was already navigating but when we got on, we discovered it was the wrong boat but luckily was going to Ao Nang beach.

If you go, keep in mind the last ferry is very early (3.30 pm).

Ao Nang beach

Ao Nang beach is very nice, but after tried Phi Phi Island it’s difficult to compare. The water is clean and warm and you can enjoy having a long walk on the sand.


Cloudy in Ao NangThe first days was very hot. But the last 4 days was horrible. Now I know what they mean with Raining Season! That’s why I spent the last days closed in my room, working. But at least the hotel was very cosy 🙂


There are many pubs with live music around the town. I can suggest the Reggae bar (near the Mc Donald’s), the Boogie bar and the Crazy Gringo (near the beach). In front of the fish statue in the beach road there is the Center Point, a small square with the most crazy pubs and clubs. Go there if you fancy a dance.


Police don’t mind if you don’t wear an helmet or if you are 4 on a motorbike.

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